Tuesday, April 07, 2009

No points for first place

I think I entered four NCAA basketball brackets this year.  I paid zero dollars to enter and won zero dollars for winning....
Sadly I was 1 for 4 on the year.  I placed first, second, third and I don't know on the four brackets.  There was one bracket I entered that I can't find the results for this morning.
I actually picked different teams in each of the brackets for a few reasons.

1.  I had watched zero minutes of basketball going into the tournament (and still now including the tournament).
2.  I just started clicking the teams and didn't pay a whole lot of attention.
3.  The only consistent thing I did was pick North Carolina as the winner of the four brackets.
4.  I really didn't care enough to write down my picks or keep track of how I was doing.
As for the winner of my personal bracket that I put up on this here weblog?  It was young Edwin Buehler.  He placed 29 spots higher than NC, 27 spots higher than Murph owes me 8 bucks, 17 spots higher than Never Right! (possibly they should switch their name to almost never right) and 1 spot higher than Saget.
It was a banner year...


  1. 20 out of 30 this year. much improved on my 36 of 37 last year. Meaning if two of your kids picked teams last year, two of them probably beat me

  2. I'm blaming my pathetic bracket on the faulty ouiji board I used to make my picks.