Friday, April 10, 2009

letter from 1989

I imagine what a note from my 1989 self would look like.

Dear Sean Michael,
    I've gotta ask you, are you serious about this Saget thing?  I can never tell if you're just messing with us or if you really believe he's the J. Edgar Hoover of the entertainment world.  Anyhow, I'm just wondering.  I also have a few comments. 
     You seem to be on that fancy home computer a lot, it seems like maybe you ought to recall our days in the weight room and our time outdoors.  Maybe worth a second look?

I'm not sure I'm all that fired up about the general condition of our car or our bank account, but both of those are probably salvageable with a little bit of effort.  I really thought this flying car thing would have taken off by now...pardon the do still hate puns, right?
I see the Steelers have continued to dominate the National Football League, but what's up with the Pirates?  I know it's not really a sport, but'd think they'd at least try to put a decent team together.  Remember 1979?  We are family with Willie, Dave and Kent Tekulve?  I guess those were the good old days for both of us...
I should get going...remember the weight room and maybe throw in the occasional salad...

P.S. great job on the smoking hot wife


  1. I agree with the whole baseball remark Murph of yesteryear. Any activity where you can chew tobacco and participate should not qualify as a sport. That axes baseball, Nascar, bowling, and .38 Special concert attending.

    Now onto soccer...

  2. Confused Ant Peg8:01 AM

    When did Annie take up smoking?