Wednesday, April 15, 2009

best quote I've read in a while

"There is a higher and a lower mode of teaching.  Books are the lower; living is the higher."
-Peter Kreeft

What's especially interesting is that the guy didn't say this...he wrote it in a book.
I'm giving a speech tonight.  You could call it a talk, a discussion, a sermon or a rant....but the bottom line is I'm talking to some folks at 7PM tonight.
That's maybe not the lowest mode of teaching, but it's definitely not the highest.  A friend of mine often says that what is caught is what is taught.  You can impress at a distance, but you only impact up close.
The problem is that living is harder than talking - spending your life in relationships is harder than preaching - life on life is a lot harder than putting together some decent notes. 
Monologue is always easier than dialogue.
and so I ironically type this all out...and maybe there's a better way to share this with the people in my world?

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