Thursday, April 02, 2009

Nobody puts Baby in the corner

Looking for a way to stretch your entertainment dollar?
Wonder what it'd be like to see the Super Bowl one night and Sags in concert the next?
Well we all have that very chance tonight and tomorrow.
Tonight the 2nd grade class at Freedom Elementary is putting on a production of Bugs.  You will see young Kendrick Crawford dancing as a yellow jacket, and Griffin Murphy singing as an army ant.  Remember when you found out that Deniro and Pacino were starring in a movie together?  That was a mere forshadowing of what is to happen this evening.  Lennon & McCartney, Carrot Top & a hillarious prop, and now Crawford & Murphy...
Tomorrow evening the Q City Players will be doing improvisational "comedy" for a fundraiser to support Ballet Tech.
Cincinnati Ballet Tech 8PM - Friday- $5 at the door

6543 Montgomery Road
Cincinnati, OH 45213

If we don't support dance, who will?

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  1. In response to your Twitter (I don't mess with that stuff), I'm pretty sure the answer might be North Carolina.