Monday, April 27, 2009

don't let the man bring you down

I paid $1.79 & 9/10ths for gas yesterday.  That's a pretty good price, but I can't help but feel like the good people at the Kroger gas stop were misleading me.
Who chargest a percentage a penny for their product?  (besides those guys who hate mommy earth)
I'm annoyed when I get a penny.  It's as close to a useless coin as you can find.  I'd rather have bad luck than find a penny and pick it up.  I'm not risking throwing my back out, splitting my pants and leaving myself open to being kicked in the ear...just so I can bend over and pick up a penny.  Mommy didn't raise a fool.
So I've scientifically proved that a penny isn't worth anything.  Having said that, why is big oil throwing on 9/10ths of a penny on their petrol?
I blame the American League and their cursed designated hitter.  That seems to make the most sense...

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