Thursday, April 16, 2009


I get about 80-100 or so e-mails a day to my work or my home e-mail accounts.

Yesterday I received 48 at work and 41 at home.  Of the 89 e-mails, 43 were individual e-mails to me, 22 were mass e-mails & 24 were spam.  When I sign up for just about anything these days I use a junk e-mail address, which eliminates a lot of the spam.  Luckily I still get my share.
So of the 80-100 e-mails I recceive, I'll get 2-3 a day that are "funny" e-mails.  I'm guessing I get close to 1,000 e-mails a year that have some funny video, picture, joke or song.
Now this is just an estimate, but I'll bet I find 10% of them funny.  Some people like Adam Sandler movies, some think Dennis Miller's Off White Album is amazing, and some people will travel across four states to see Carrot Top.   Some editor actually paid money to put Family Circus cartoons in their paper.  Actual U.S. currency!  We all think different things are funny....and that's ok, right?  Sure it is.
Having said that, I'll bet I've laughed out loud at 7 e-mails I've read ever.  I've thought hundreds of them were funny....but to actually sit in front of my computer and laugh out loud...that just doesn't really happen with me all that often.

This all leads me to my point.  If you don't see my response with the letters LOL, well...I'm just trying to be honest.  Statistically speaking, I'm just not going to laugh out loud at something even if I think it's funny.
I really, really appreciate when something is funny.  I'm just not a cheap laugh.  I have friends that have incredible fake laughs, and I envy those.  I just can't fake it.  And if I were to type LOL, well...that'd most likely be a lie.

And that's ok...right?


  1. i bet fuller has Family Circus screen savers.

  2. This world has lost its mind when we collectively think Gilly is funny.

  3. at least it's not marmaduke

  4. Anonymous2:51 PM

    This is awesome. I just had a conversation with someone and we decided that "LOL" was the most annoying thing to put in an email. Because 99.9% of the time it is a lie.

  5. Steve, the day will come when you will laugh out loud at Gilly. Eventually it will happen.