Friday, May 01, 2009

The Greatest Minute in Sports?

I hear every once in a while about the sports dream trips.  People want to go to see their team in the Super Bowl or go to the World Series..but today I'm thinking about sporting events I want no part of.

I never want to stand in line behind a giant floral hat waiting for a mint julep at the Kentucky Derby.  Has anyone ever had one of these outside of this horse lap? (the drink...or the hat for that matter)  
Any sport involving animals is probably a good rule. 
I can't imagine myself watching a bunch of mustachiod white guys turning left at a NASCAR event.

Any sort of PBA event, but this might actually be fun to attend and write about.  It could be my PBA Experiment 52 events in 52 weeks.
Golf is a bit of a push for me.  It's boring enough to play, but to sit at one spot all day and watch people basically try to hit the same spot on a certain hole...that would get old, right?  On the other hand you could walk around and enjoy the weather, and you can't do that in the same sort of environment with most sports...but then you probably won't ever get a good view of great golf.
80% of the Olympic sports hold very little interest for me.  That's why I (and you, if you're honest) don't watch most of these sports outside of the games.
I really don't consider a lot of "sports" much more than exhibitions, but we don't have to get into that right now...
I'm really not that into basketball, hockey or soccer - but people make personal attacks and shout mean things at me whenever I say anything.  I will say that I've been to all of the above and had get off my case.


  1. truly, you ought to give nascar a try. watch the beginning, nap in the middle, and then watch the end. you'll thank me. i promise.

  2. I got to spend the day at Church Hill Downs yesterday for the purposes of work (I have a second, part-time gig) and I gotta say that it wasn't my cup of tea.
    Suffice it to say, the infield at the derby is a Kentucky Mardi-Gras with over-priced hats. I recommend the experience once, but that's all the more experience you'll need.

    And if you go to a hockey game with me, I'll make sure you not only have fun, but also appreciate the game for how amazing it is. That's a solid Steve Bragg gaurantee!