Thursday, March 26, 2009

Survival of the fittest

If I knew how to put in those fancy countdowns you'd be staring at one that pointed to 9:30PM on April 6th.
ABC saved all of us from the thought of a Sags sitcom being shot, but never seen when the CW decided to drop it.
WHO DO YOU THINK YOU ARE CW!?!?  With your fancy logo and designer suits?  The Gossip Girl is good enough for you, but the greatest American, nay International actor of ours or any other lifetime isn't?!?!
Don't you see how sad this is CW?
You had a chance to bring the great one back into our lives, but instead opted for 90210.

A pox on you CW - and we all are thankful that ABC once again stood up for all that is right in this world.
We owe you a debt of gratitude American Broadcasing Corporation.


  1. Are you having a Sags party?

  2. that is one fantastic idea...oh sure, you could argue that every day is a Sags party day...but maybe a special one on the 6th...

  3. Might I also suggest DVRing the first few episodes (if the show makes it that far) and having one huge Sags party.

  4. Sags needs a show on HBO.