Thursday, March 19, 2009

marketing genius

I'm a big fan of this fella.  I'm not in the marketing biz, nor do I ever, ever want to be.  My dad was, and he was really good at it.

A few times I put pen to paper and wrote some commercial scripts for him.  He'd typically read them and then say something like, "Do you know how much it would cost to fly Bob Saget in and have him punch Earl Bruce in the ear?"  to which I would respond, "Do you hate art?"

Needless to say, most of my ideas were filed away in the "Way ahead of his time" cabinet.

So I read Seth's stuff and for a while I just wasn't sure why.  He has the world's best marketing blog, but that's not my thing.  Turns out I just really like the way he thinks.  I don't always agree with him, but he makes me think...and that's a rare thing in today's economy.

So today I'd like to give back to Seth and all the marketeers out there.

What if you made a television commercial and mentioned your product as some sort of stimulus package!?!?!

I know - totally original - totally topical - nobody is doing

Hello sarcasm, this is Sean...I think we need to start spending less time together.  It seems that people think we've grown a little too close.  Yeah, I'll still see you's just that I feel like we're becoming the same person.  Maybe I'll just spend some time with sardonic guy and his sidekick punboy.


  1. Speaking of Saget, did you know he has a new sitcom?

    It looks...ummmmm...better than "Full House."

  2. better than "Full House" ??

    I liked Full House...

  3. I'll give you a buck to throw an extra 'm' in 'comercial'.

  4. anything with Sags has the potential of going to the next level. Dan, you're like my own personal spell check...and you owe me $1. I should really start reading my blog posts after I type them up...someday...