Friday, March 27, 2009

The Best

I was married on March 27th ten years ago today.
People talk about their wedding day being THE greatest day of their life.
That’s not true for me. I have a bunch of greatest days.
When I first realized that I was in love with Annie, that was a greatest day.
When she smiles in my direction, that’s a greatest day.
When she giggles uncontrollably, that’s the greatest day.
When she holds my hand, prays with me and talks about our future…that’s the greatest day.
Every day for the past ten years is the greatest day of my life.


  1. That is so incredibly sweet!

    Congratulations on 10 years together :)

  2. Aunt (Proud) Peg7:26 AM

    THAT might have been your greatest blog post.

  3. Way to lock that down.

  4. this may be the day i realized i love fuller.

  5. Right on. Pretty short for passion, though...

  6. hope you two had a fabulous 10th yesterday! we shoulda partied on your behalf at reset.