Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Leadership III

Do you do - or do you model?  Is there someone alongside you learning from you...or are you just kind of doing what you do?

How are your meetings/actions/events reproducable?  If you die in a horrific clown car accident, is there someone waiting in the wings to carry forward with the vision?
I hear bad leaders talk about how things went downhill after they left, as if that's a good thing.  As if that's a tribute to how great they were at their jobs.  I think it is a testimony to how well they set up systems, develooped people and created a mission that was all about people.  The truth is that they didn't set up reprocible systems, develop people or create a mission that wasn't about them.
They would have, but there's no money in that.  You don't win awards or get applause for developing people...they do...and for some people, that's not enough.

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