Thursday, March 12, 2009

Keeping it real in '09

eep on truckin' is my official slogan for 2009.  Oh sure, go ahead and judge me for waiting a couple of months before making it known...but what if the slogan didn't fit?
Do you really want to go twelve months with a bad slogan?
I'd rather soak for a couple of months in my yearly slogan and then see if it fits the year.  So I'll take Steve's birthday as the occasion to mark this year's slogan.
At first I wasn't sure it fit.  Oh sure, it's a great one...but some people take these things so seriously.  "But Sean, you don't even drive a truck."  Oh really?
I guess you've got me there.  But still, there's something that harkens back to a 1973 ringer T-shirt that's a purposely faded red with that young fella leaning back, one thumb up...all under the banner "Keep on Truckin'"  I'd like to reclaim that expression and make it my own these next ten months.
I'd also like to continue my quest to bring back:
knuckle sandwich
bookin (as in - We were bookin down the street)
I'm sure I'm forgetting at least one more?


  1. bad.

    as in good.

    you know, "this post was bad."

    but i mean that as a compliment.

    do you like how my lines stair step?