Monday, March 09, 2009

Remembering Larry King

Things I like less than a parade:
1.  not much
2.  saving seats
3.  seafood
4.  paper cuts
5.  machete cuts
6.  a lecture by Madonna
7.  that voice we all hear in our head to go and pinch Leonard Nimoy
8.  undercooked eggs
9.  "dance" in the title of any show
-At this stage of the game, I'm still surprised when I see someone with a mustache.
-The economic collapse officially intersected with my life on Thursday.
-For my money, Hong Kong Fooey is the single greatest hero this country has ever known.  And yes, I remember Ben Aflek in Pearl Harbor.
-If you're in a debate at my house and you find yourself seeing red, that means you're probably in the kitchen.
-Honestly it's just that standing behind people and only seeing the floatie things stinks...standing in front of people and feeling like you're in the way're looking at paper mache and people waving....what's good about that?
-The phrase that pays today?  Don't count your quarters in here fella.
Good luck


  1. you defy the stereotype that "everyone loves a parade," my friend. i don't know how you argue with a gang of pedestrians disobeying traffic laws and throwing candy at you. it's a street-level revolution set to sousaphones and tootsie rolls. aka- heaven.

  2. I'm only guessing that you have never been to a parade with Shriners dressed as London Bobbies driving tiny motorcycles in formation doing figure-eights at 60 mph. If you had, you would not spew such ridiculousness.

  3. Did Larry King die? And, if so, why are we celebrating with a parade?

    Seems cruel.

  4. maybe Sean is referring to the boring type -- the candyless ones and those without London Bobbies.

  5. we have a mummer's parade in williamsport...

    anyone have an idea what a mummer is?