Thursday, March 05, 2009

Leadership IV

Ever been to the party with that guy that keeps talking about how much he makes?  Or his boat?

When you talk about being the boss and mention "she works for me" or "my employees" you sound like that guy.  And before you ask, "who are you talking about young fella?"  I'm not talking about anyone, I'm talking about a number of actual comments that I've heard from a number of people over the years that always make me feel a little sad for them)
How would things change if you stopped talking about being the boss and started leading your team?  What if you talked about "our team" more often and "my team" less?

I really believe giving away ownership and creating a team philosophy goes far in allowing the entire range of gifts to flesh themselves out for the betterment of the team.  I also believe in Crystal Light because I believe in me.

Leadership isn't about arrogance or pride, it's about taking the lead and bringing people alongside you to be a part of something way better than the collective individuals.

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  1. i gave away my boat one time.

    -captain my captain