Monday, March 30, 2009

Marching on...

I'm still working on my mini GPS devices for:
-remote control
-cell phone
-key chain
-all of Day's sunglasses
I just need to figure out how to make a GPS, and then how to get them attached to all of those items.  Once I've got that figured out, watch out ShamWow.
I've also had a couple of thoughts lately about the Sags biopic I'm hoping to produce.
I've always wanted a Who song as my inspiration anthem that brings home the emotional core of his life...but CSI has sort of ruined it for me.  I might just bring in Zach Braff to do the soundtrack.  Sags would of course play the lead, but I'm not exactly sure who should play Coulier.  Maybe pull in NPH?
And if I'm going to put a movie together, I'd find an excuse to put Jeff Goldblum and Morris Day in there somehow.
March seems like our most aggressive month name.  You've got a couple of nonsensical months, MARCH!, a few girl names and then they get all Roman and nonsensical again.  I'm just saying that in a fight, I'd take March over September any day.

Someone started a Greatest Movie Ever discussion the other day, and that one doesn't get old with me.  You think I'm kidding, but I honestly care every time someone starts throwing out the greats.  There's something about lists that appeals to me.

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