Friday, February 01, 2008


A friend of mine was talking about faith yesterday. He said, "we won't be able to exercise faith in Heaven, so we might as well use it while we're here"

I couldn't help but think of the college students that I worked with for years. We would do these twice weekly meetings with folks who wanted to be Young Life leaders and talk through what it meant to lead. We'd read a bunch of books, memorize a bunch of Scripture, and just walk through the basics. At some point during that year I'd see these light bulbs come on. You could almost see it in their eyes when they'd say, "If I would have known, or realized, this stuff when I was in High School...I could have changed the entire school"


If I would have loved the kid that nobody talked to - encouraged the kid that was dying inside - spent time with the lonely kid - focused less on me and more on them...that could really change a place.


so back to faith. I'm looking at it as a toy that I get to play with for as long as I'm walking this space ball. I'll lose my toy some day - so I might as well play with it while I've got it.

So how to exercise faith...that's the big one.

I've gotten pretty used to living on past experiences, logic, intelligence, guess work and hunches...but faith - that's kind of scary.

might be worth looking into though...

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  1. Anonymous4:52 PM

    I've been trying to get ahold of my old Young Life leader Drew Gillespie. He was based in Grove City Ohio during the late nineties. I came across this page during a Google search. If you could pass my info along it would be great! Matthew Kilmurry -