Saturday, February 16, 2008

Herby Turkey

As I sat across the table from young Griffin Murphy and bit into my Herby Turkey sandwich - I couldn't help but think about what the perfect food day would look like.

First of all I think I'd go high fiber in the morning - because Oprah says to. I'm thinking instant oatmeal. For my money, the steak bagel at the local McFastfood restaurant is delicious...but then you smell like onion and upset stomach for the rest of the day. If you're going to have a great day of food, you'd better set up a foundation in the morning...

I'm thinking that lunch has to involve a Herby Turkey from Brueggers Bagels, on a toasted salt bagel (hold the lettuce). A diet coke from Frisch's with cherry added - and a chicken Caesar side salad from any of those chain restaurants (Max & Applebees...although Longhorn has delicious croutons.

Dinner has to be steak. Seems like a no brainer. I could make an argument for Damon's Ribs (I know about you crazy Montgomery Ribs folks - I'm just a K.C. bbq sauce man) and I'm just a big fan of some sort of garlic bread off to the side. If you're looking for a good pre-meal appetizer...loaded fries are always a treat.

For dessert you could do worse than a Chocó taco - but for you folks that like something not wrapped in a paper container (which takes out the order and butterfinger blizzard) you could always finish the night off with a piece of Bill Knaps chocolate cake and ice cream.


  1. There may be a few things we disagree on SMM,but one of them will NEVER be the glorious treat that is the Choco Taco.

    SOlid choice

  2. Herby Turkey is just the silliest name for a lunchmeat. It's so silly!