Thursday, January 31, 2008

moving on

I never figured out the M thing (see below post) I'm moving on.

It's good to move on in life. Life's too short. You've gotta grab the gusto. Actually I really have no idea what "gusto" actually is. I'm guessing I'll get a comment from someone who looked it up on wikipedia, so I can just sort of be lazy and content with my lack of gusto knowledge.

Here's how I'm feeling about the Super Bowl.

I think the Patriots are going to win it. I'll just say it. I don't really like them. I think I'm going to want them to win??? I just think they're the best team in the NFL, and even though I don't like them...I guess they should win it.

I still maintain that if you put any quarterback behind that line - they give him 7 minutes to throw the ball - and with those receivers - I've seen Tom throw ducks up to Randy Moss with three d-backs draped all over him and he makes the catch - you put any quarterback into that system and they'll be an All Pro. Having said that, I think Tom's above obviously he'll thrive in that system.

I found a new family friendly show that both of the boys like - American Gladiators. At some point we'll grow weary of the Hulkster saying "brother" and Ali telling the guy competitors that they'd better watch out or she'll knock them out - but it's fun to watch for now. I'm a big fan of the catapult thing that launches the Gladiators into the pool when their bullseye thing gets hit. It's the little things.

I've gotta admit though - I'm still wondering about that "M"

it's hard to move on...


  1. Maybe the "m" means move on.

    And my favorite part of American Gladiators is when someone tears up their knee during power ball. Sweet.

  2. Anonymous11:31 AM

    Could the "M" be for the gladiator Mayhem?

    Mark Stegman