Monday, February 11, 2008

the juice...not oj

I talked with a guy who was a first round draft pick several years back.

I'm not sure that I've ever done that before, and it was interesting to hear his tales of the minor league.

He used to get tested for steroids several times a month. He told me this when I was talking to him about the steroid mess and he said it was a lot worse than you even hear about. I'd heard that they had random testing in the minor leagues for years and that's when he told me about how "random" the testing was.

He had five guys in his weekly team Bible study. All five of them were tested every month. He couldn't remember anyone else on the team ever getting tested. He was saying there was an anti Christians on the juice baseball conspiracy (although that'd be a fun conspiracy theory to spread) he was just saying that they were very particular about who they tested,\ and, more importantly, who they didn't.

Here's my thing - I don't really care about the crazy steroids.

I love Mark McGwire. I loved it when he gave back a part of his salary after he'd had a bad season and thought that he didn't deserve it. I loved it when he beat 9 golf pros in a golf skills challenge. I think he's an incredible athlete.

I remember hoping that Lance Armstrong would stick around another year and win another tour.

I loved the Steelers when they were winning a bunch of Super Bowls in the 70's.

Given a choice, I'd rather all of sports be clean...and I'm not sure how to make that happen ultimately. I really don't want our government to bother themselves with figuring out how to fix the steroids in baseball problem. I'd rather them work on fixing roads and building bridges and making sure toll booths are operational....or whatever it is that they do that's way more important than asking Roger if his wife ever took steroids.
I should mention in the interest of full disclosure that this post was written without the aid of any banned substance (unless they've banned diet dr. pepper)


  1. i used to shoot "the d-pep" back in the day. now my back is really hairy and i'm mad all the time.

    just be careful.

  2. they haven't banned ddp yet. but they should.