Monday, February 25, 2008


My best score on this so far is 22 seconds.

I found out about it here.

My favorite post there is this one.

He's often found making clumsy passes at this guy.

Who works with this guy.

Who recently linked to one of my favorite blogs written by a guy I'll never meet.

He's performed with this group.

Who were in town performing at a brach campus of the University where this fella teaches.

Who used to live with this young pilot in training.

And neither of them could get beat my score of 22 seconds on this.


  1. 25.359
    i'll post the screen capture to prove it if i need to.

  2. long did it take you to procure a score of 22 seconds?
    I made it to .23 the first time and right now, I am still in the game as I type this ~ so it's been about 15 minutes, 45 seconds. Beat that!

    p.s. I'm a little guilty that I even spent 10 minutes on this...but maybe it will improve my eye-hand coordination for ping pong?

  3. With those scores I'm assuming you've found that a mouse drastically increases your times. If not, head out to Mouse Galaxy, get fitted for the right club (something with lasers), maybe some Under Armour and definitely wristbands. The greats don't reach greatness without technology. Rocky is fiction.

  4. My highest is 17 seconds so far, but I've only been playing for 6 hours, so we'll see what happens tomorrow when I take the day off work.

  5. i would just like to say that you are now detrimentally impairing the education of certain 3rd graders in a certain school district in southwest ohio. thanks.

  6. You know what? I'm sticking to the uncomplicated business of flying airplanes.