Thursday, February 28, 2008

inspired by young Allison

My favorite food: The Herby Turkey on a toasted salt bagel

My favorite song ever: The Duke of Earl

My favorite song this year: God Bless ye - The Bare Naked Ladies

My favorite person to fight: Shawn Thomas over our dime store theology and sports

My favorite obsession: Bog Saget

My favorite restaurant: Chipotle

My favorite place to visit: State College, Pa.

My favorite TV show of all time: Ed

My favorite TV show right now: The Office/Ten Items or Less

My favorite color: blue

My favorite website:

My favorite person to laugh with: Annie

My favorite sport to play: racquetball

My favorite movie: Pulp Fiction/Good Will Hunting/Schindler's List

My favorite holiday: this is like picking your favorite second cousin that you only see every other year and can't remember their name...they're just kind of there

My favorite candy: Sour Patch Kids

My favorite dead Beatle: George Harrison

My favorite last name of all my friends: Wygant

My favorite first name of all of my friends: Alton

My favorite child: seriously? what kind of question is this?!

My favorite improv group: The Q City Players

My favorite grocery store: Wegman's

My favorite friend that's a guy with a girl's name: Stacy

My favorite friends that have names that are also the full name of a famous female detective: Nancy and Drew Gillespie

The I'm just riding the band wagon sports figure: Tiger Woods

My favorite moment from yesterday: seeing Annie after work

My favorite movie to recommend that someone rent if they haven't seen it and love dialogue: The Big Chill

Second Favorite: Reality Bites

My favorite way to end this post: just sort of quit


  1. sour patch kids are great, and although I do prefer George over John, once Paul dies, he'll move into the lead.

  2. Your favorite catch phrase showed up on national TV last night. Chris Matthews host of MSNBC’s Hardball used “gutter ball” three or four times in a political monologue.

  3. Did I inspire the favorites list or the picture? is this just another stoner joke SMM?

  4. I wrote the title before I found the pic - I tried to use your blog heading, but it didn't work. I clicked on your flickr folder and that was the first picture that popped up...and how funny is Superman sharing a smoke with a maskless Hulk?