Tuesday, February 26, 2008

doing pretty good

I was watching part of the show that uses lie detectors last night. They ask people increasingly more and more personal questions in an attempt to embarrass, shame or laugh at the victims...I mean the contestants.

So last night was apparently a controversial one. The host kept coming on and saying that he didn't want to show the episode...but he was going to...because they want to have high ratings...or something like that.

So the lady on the show had her whole family with her, including her husband. At one point the question was, "Do you have any secrets about your dad that you haven't told your mom?" and she said, "yes" and her mom stared icily at her dad. Awkward.

She was asked, "Have you ever been fired from a job for stealing money?" The crowd gasped. She said, "Yes I have" and they gasped again. So she's keeping secrets about her dad to her mom and steals.

It gets worse. They bring out her ex boyfriend who asks, "would you leave your husband for me?" and that's when her sister hits the gong to take that question away. As if you could erase that question from her husbands mind. He's sitting her waiting for her truthful answer...and he'll probably always wonder now.

Actually that's not true, because then they asked her if she was still in love with another man when she got married. She said, "yes"

They asked her if she ever went out with the girls and took off her ring so that she'd appear to be single. She said, "yes"

They asked her if she's slept with anyone else in the last two years of her marriage. She said "yes"

They then asked, "do you consider yourself to be a good person?"

Now we don't know her. All we know is that she's cheated on the husband in the two years of their marriage. You could argue that maybe it was a one time thing that just sort of happened because of some crazy circumstance...except that she also goes out with the girls and takes off her wedding ring. We also know that she's stolen from the people she works for.

We don't know much more. I'm guessing there's more great stuff in her life and there's more skeletons in her closet. We all have our junk.

Nobody is perfect. We all have our secret little past or present that weighs on us on some level.

It was just interesting to hear someone who had just admitted to cheating oh her husband of two years and stealing also thought of herself as a "good person"

This begs the question, "what makes you a good person?"

I hear all the time about the guy going to prison basically being a good person deep down. When someone does some awful thing, there's usually someone around who says, "well they really are a good person...they've just made a mistake"

Is it possible that deep down we're all flawed? Maybe you could say, "Sean does that thing for people, but deep down...he's not a very good person"?

The reason we have enough food to feed the entire planet every day but people still starve is....we're flawed in many ways.

Do you know why there are armies, police officers and laws? Well...because deep down we largely live for ourselves and that amounts to a lot of problems in this world.

I believe that we all love on some level. Maybe you just really love one person, and that person would be the person saying that you really were a loving friend/son/neighbor.

That's the interesting struggle for followers of The Way - they're called to not just love one or two people ("even the screw ups do that") but to love even our enemies.

I don't really know many people who do that. I see so much spite/anger/venom coming out of these conversations of people who are "tolerant" or "Open minded" when you bring up a political view that they don't agree with. They end up doing a really bad job at loving their political enemies.

I see so much backstabbing and negative campaigning from people competing for the same position on teams that are supposed to work together.

If we really were "basically good people" I'm guessing the world would be a much better place. Often we point to God and yell out "what the crap!?" but I'm guessing we should start pointing a little lower. Maybe we can take some of this on ourselves?


  1. Thank you for reminding me. I pretty much do suck most of the time.

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  3. You who is without sin, throw the first tomato at the 'Moment of Truth' participant.

    I would've had to drop the fruit.

  4. I think her biggest fault was going on the show in the first place. How much do they pay these people? I can't wait for the new show coming out this Spring it's called "Waterboarding". Essentially a contestant hooks a loved one up to a large battery with jumper cables and the the host slowly drowns the contestant in increments until they finally hit the button that shocks their son, daughter, mother, etc. The show will come on right after "Witch Hunt". I can't wait!