Friday, February 22, 2008

just wondering...

Could you make the argument that kids in the south are smarter, or at least more educated, than the kids up north who miss so much school because of the snow?


Is it possible that the kids up north are smarter because on snow days they're getting a mini home school experience? (home school kids generally test higher than the rest of us)


  1. Anonymous9:32 AM

    Interesting question.

    I don't know that you could make either of those arguments.

    However, I suspect that you could make the argument that kids in the North are smarter than kids from the South because Southerners are dumb.

  2. i think that kids in the north are the smartest because they've got some pretty sweet teachers :)

  3. The smartest kids are not always the most, or best, educated.

    Take Sean Murphy, for example. He went to the craphole known as UC. I went to Penn State. He is a very smart guy. I am an idiot. Go figure.

  4. DRK, Your smartness factor would increase exponentially if you would move to Cincinnati.

  5. Let's just meet in NC and call it a deal.