Sunday, February 03, 2008

not about the super bowl....that was some game though, huh?

I went to hear some speakers the other night.

This is what it felt like:

A tee ball game

followed by a quick high school varsity game

followed by the Super Bowl.

Here's what I mean. When I arrived at the conference there was an accountant speaking. I'd say this speaker was the equivalent of a tee ball level speaker. Actually that's not true. The reality is that I just don't generally pay to hear accountants talk about not getting audited. I'm sure that she covered the material just wasn't my bag.

The next speaker was actually very engaging and was probably a great speaker, but he was just doing a preview of a talk he was giving in a few months. He only went a few minutes and it's hard to be an all star in four minutes.

Next was Aunt Peg. I obviously went to the conference to see Peggers.

She was energetic, funny, interesting, informative and connected with the crowd in just a few minutes. She had them. She did some really smart things. She told the audience enough about her business to cause them to want to follow up, and left them wanting more. She made me think about Seth Godin (a really smart marketing guy that screams common sense) and just how to put together a really clever presentation.

I was proud to be a Murphy

Anyhow, it was a great night and I learned a thing or two to boot...


  1. Ah, I'm just glad that the night wasn't a "gutter ball"...
    and I thank you from the bottom of my humble heart!

    whoops...that is my word verification that I am supposed to type in a the OTHER little box on this page so I'm guessing that it doesn't belong here...
    SIGH...(I do this ALL the time and it's rather embarrassing)

  2. Connie1:08 PM

    What conference?
    Topic of Peg's speech?
    Peg's business?