Friday, February 29, 2008


So the Q City Players had their first ever public performance/gig/show/small little three scene deal performed to the masses.

And by masses, I counted somewhere in the double digits. Barely. It was a teen at least...
I'm not sure our performance was Oscar worthy - but that's because it wasn't a film...or that awesome. It was solid. "And the Oscar for most solid performance in a non film goes to..."

Our director is a two time cancer survivor so we all thought it was appropriate to perform at the Wellness center of Cincinnati in front of other cancer survivors. I guess in the long run I'd rather make a cancer survivor laugh than some drunk guy who keeps yelling, "Porn" every time you ask for a subject from the audience.

Then again, when the audience was asked for a suggestion of a famous historic event, a guy yelled out 911!

And if there's anything you can make fun of it's 911. I was wondering if we could do the Holocaust, or maybe the Kent State massacre...but I guess 911 is a little more now.

So we've got one under our belt and we're officially a troupe.

I've never been in a troupe. I've been on teams, in groups, a leader of committees...but because of my reluctance to join the Boy Scouts....I've been denied access to a troupe for most of my life.

I'm pretty glad this group is my first troupe - they're a pretty good bunch of people...


  1. Congrats on your first "troupe" performance!
    ("troupe" is sooooo close to "toupe")

    Please post future "Q City Player" bookings so we can all come to yell,
    "911" (of course I would get confused and scream "411"!)

  2. I take it you have overcome your (in)abilities to accept criticism? You've found a tougher skin? You can deal with an audience now?

    (By the way, that was said tongue in cheek. Don't take that seriously)

    I would leave the safety of the inner city to come watch you, so yes, please post some schedule for viewers like me.