Tuesday, September 18, 2007

alpha 1.0 from the department of redundancy department

Alpha begins tonight. We launch. We set sail. We have a lot to do...

Dave Workman will speak from the stage - Joe Boyd will entertain from the stage. The next week we'll flip it around - only Dave won't probably do any comedy prior to Joe's talk.

We have 100+ signed up, and 30+ leaders ready to greet them. It will be a sea of red t-shirts...

I'll just be glad to get one under my belt.

Some of you know our week 8 speaker. (yes, I begged him to come back...because it'd be silly not to - plus he's one of the best) He was the guy who-de left the same comment in my blog three days last week, and I think he left a similar comment in Annie's blog...and then it abruptly stopped. I think we all know the answer to his question. Well at least they held them to 51 - so it's sort of a moral victory.

(I couldn't help myself - I stayed away on Sunday and Monday...I figured I'd give you a day before I piled on....sorry, but the Browns?)

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  1. Is that Alpha's logo?

    Because it's great.