Monday, February 01, 2010

sick of bills

The Murphy family visited doctors and physical therapists a total of 11 times in January.

That's a bad month.  Basically we had some ear infections, streptococcus, sinus infections, bronchitis, and a soon to be diagnosed (after three doctors and a physical therapist take another looksy) shoulder problem.

Our insurance is roughly the equivalent of an ok coupon and the bills are racking up. 

Meanwhile, I met with a guy the other day that was telling me about how he has free insurance through medicaid.   I was sort of surprised that this fella even qualified for it.

Turns out that he needed to proved that his family of four made less than $3,500 a month.  Go ahead and do the math...
So a family of four that owns their own home, drives their own cars and make $42,000 a year get free health insurance?  He pays zero dollars for each this isn't even great health insurance, this is free medical care.  He told me that it covered his dental and eye care as well.

I haven't so much as Wikipedia'd medicaid yet, but my first instinct is to ask if we already have socialized health care?  It seems like he's on the receiving end of something that sure looks like it.  I'm guessing that if a guy that lives in Fairfield and makes a decent living can get it...wouldn't this ultimately cover just about anyone who needs it?

I'm terribly confused by the entire health care debate.  I know that the cost of my health care bumped up (in deductibles) 40% two years ago...and almost that the next year.  A friend of mine was just telling me about his cousins who go to the emergency room any time they have a cold, because they're not paying for why wait for an appointment, and why worry about the cost of an emergency room visit?

Somehow and somewhere there's a solution out there...I'm just not sure that I know enough to figure it out. 

Meanwhile, I'm off to sell some blood so I can afford to go to the doctor to take a blood test.
(I elected to end with irony)
-curious in Cincinnati

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  1. Uh oh. Why don't we talk about something a little less polarizing like ... abortion or same-sex marriage? I'm afraid to start commenting on this for fear it will end in some sort of curse-laden diatribe about our current health care system where I'll end up referencing Ralph Nader's proposed health care plan, and therefore devaluing my opinion instantly in the minds of 99.2% of the American population. This would be a fun conversation to have while pretending to watch the Super Bowl though.