Tuesday, February 09, 2010

doing my part

A friend of mine owns a recycling plant (I know people).  They recycle plastic, so if you have any extra and live around the Loveland area..give him a call.
He knows his stuff and recently I heard him say that these new fangled electronic cars are going to do more hard to uncle Earth than the 'ol Chevy's that jump broken bridges in Hazzard County.  Apparently disposing of these new fangled batteries is going to be a major issue.  I'm just a simple suburban Pastor from the west side of the tracks, so I'm not sure how that'll all pan out...I'm guessing we'll shoot those to the sun...or Phoenix and that'll take care of the problem.
Bottom line here is that I'd like to do my part and eliminate a few things that I think are a waste. So here's my list:

-a living room and a family room in the same house (pick one).  I'm not sure which is which in my house...but do we really need two hang out rooms on top of the kitchen where people gather, bedrooms where people sit, basements and/or attics where people store stuff and hallways where people hang pictures?  I've heard the average house in the early 20th century were 600-800 square feet. (think a garage)  Enough is enough.

-Pea Soup. 

-Magazine ads that fall out.  I drop a tree on the floor every time I open my O Magazine.

-The hard plastic they seal kid's toys in.  One in three emergency room visits is someone needing stitches from trying to open one of these.

-Bread Machines.  Haven't heard of the No Knead Bread?  Apparently you don't read the Times...or know young Micah.

-I propose we could eliminate waste by actually adding something.  Stick with me for a second.  I say we triple the size of Ketchup packets.  It's triple the volume, but you'll save on overall packaging and frustration.  I know, why have we waited this long for something so simple?

I'm sure there are more ways I could single-handedly save this planet, but I've gotta get to work...


  1. Heinz heard your thought and responded immediately:

  2. Sean, you're welcome to trade houses with us. We live in an early TwenCen... 2 beds, 1 bath, no garage. Biggest thing I miss? Closet space.

    The price was right, though.

  3. Sean, I have lots of plastic containers to recycle (which I haven't done in Greenhills). How do I contact your friend to shift them from my house to his business ?

    Pea soup a waste? no.no.no.
    I heart pea soup. It's not waste until after I eat it.

    And I'm glad to hear of Heinz's plans to change product packaging to satisfy ketchup lovers. Thanks, Leah, for providing that information.

  4. Brian3:07 PM

    Just an FYI...When you mentioned this to me the other day I checked into it and it turns out that Toyota will pay you $200 for a dead battery from the Prius. They do this so they can recycle and re use the parts in order to minimize the impact on the environment.

  5. Jarnsie,
    I'll talk to him and see where you can leave them. I actually just saw him, but wasn't sure if you really needed to get rid of them...