Thursday, February 11, 2010

I'm just not so sure Mickey Mouse was so in love with Minnie

I just downloaded two podcasts that had in the title, " minute..."

I was immediately struck by how many of these were marked 2:28 or 3:17 or..really you can just pick any amount of tiime that isn't 1:00.

   So here is my question:  Should I sue the internet tunes, the podcast or the government?

This really has me thrown for a loop.  I'm starting to question everything.

What if the Earth is less than round and the moon landing was actually the Mars landing (how's that for a twist?)

What if Andy Kaufman is still alive?  How great would that be? (answer: really)

Yesterday I found six snowflakes that were exactly the same.  It's true.

I spoke with five dentists yesterday and they all hate Dentyne.

Fuller's stranger social experiment is about talking to old friends from high school? (another great example of someone willing to change their views on a topic they were once strongly a world full of minds that are rapidly closing)
...and what if pointy shoes that curl up are actually awesome?

Should it not bug me when someone that's not named Murphy starts talking to me with, "son, you need to..."

I'm just not sure what to believe any more...

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