Thursday, January 28, 2010

Twitter 2.0

140 characters Twitter?  What?!  Are you serious?  This weblog will not be contained by your false rules or censorship.  I will go 141, take a break...

...and then slap another couple of dozen in there just to show you who actually is the boss...

Listen, if people want to say that I'm at least one better than twitter...well, who am I to say that they haven't made an accurate statement?

Fact:  No matter how breathable his fabric was, Spiderman's mask would have to be wet on the inside from where he breathes.

Fiction:  60% of the Murphy family currently has streptococcus.
Fact:  20-40% of our brood has it (not sure on Coop, sure on Annabelle)

Fact:  My back hurts

Fact:  Apparently I'm soft and delicate like a flower or a butterfly.

Fact:  Too much of a good things is still better than too much of a bad thing.

Fiction:  I once slapped Mike Tyson in the throat and then beat him in Yahtzee
(as if anyone could beat Mike in Yahtzee)

Fact:  I'm starting to wonder how to get a hold of Gabe Kaplan.

Fact:  Four out of five doctors are largely indifferent as to what gum I chew

you're welcome


    You may think I'm joking, but I'm not. We should create an excuse to have him come "perform". He is apparently a reknowned poker player, perhaps he could come to the opening of "Hittin' the Nuts" even though he's not in the movie, as far as I know.
    By the way, the word I have to use to verify who I am to post to this blog is "uppersac". I just thought you should know. Hopefully this will be the last time I have to type "uppersac" today.

  2. Do you take requests?? If so, I'd like an anti-soccer weblog entry.