Friday, February 12, 2010

Trying to catch Norway

I'll give you a quick list of Winter Olympic sports that I follow:
-Hockey (sorta...sometimes...but not really)

I'm as into sports as the next guy.  The two of us will get together and watch football and maybe whatever else pops up on the Excellence in Sports Programming Network....but neither of us are obsessed.

And as much or as little as I follow sports, I'm even less likely to watch a parade or a festival on TV.  What I'm ultimately getting at is that I won't be watching the opening ceremonies tonight.  I'd love to hang out with my friends watching the game while shaking my fist at those Romanian Lugers...but I'll be with some other friends improvising and eating pretzel bread sandwiches.

Having said that - I'd love to see a few sports added to the Winter Olympics.
Let's throw basketball and wrestling in there.  Just a thought.

and now I'll leave you with a snow sculpture that deserves the gold.  Take a look at this thing.  This is a Quinn & Griff joint.

(This fella is over six feet tall)

1 comment:

  1. He scares me every time I walk down the hall to the kitchen.

    I frown upon your hatred of the Opening Ceremony.