Wednesday, February 24, 2010

My new buddies

I met Joe and Bob the other day. 
A cynic would say they were fake names.  I mean...If you were coming up with two fake names, those are probably near the top of the list.

Who names their kid Joe these days?  Bob?  Come on...

My friend Jimmy (grown man that goes by Jimmy?   You've got Kimmel and Fallon...maybe it's the pipeline to your own late night talk show) and I played Bob and Joe in racquetball the other day.  These two guys had reserved the court and were good enough to let us play some doubles.

We're friends now.
I think?

I saw them this morning. They were doing a little 6AM racquetball.  I said, "Hi Joe" to Bob and he told me it was the other one.  Doesn't matter - he knew who I was and now we're guys that say hi at the gymnasium.

That's how it starts...I think.
It started at a wrestling practice with my friend Shawn (spell much?)  It started with Fuller and a weblog.  A bunch of others with a job.  Annie with a camp & Stu with living across the street from the Murphy estate.

I might never see these two guys again, and I might ask them to someday help me build a barn Amish style.  You never know...but it's nice getting to know another couple of fellas at the UA.  It started on Monday and continued today...

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