Monday, February 15, 2010

on Movies

I should admit a few things:
1-  I love the motion pictures
2-  I rarely go to them because
      a.  we have 3 kids
      b.  kids like to talk and play and spend money
      c.  it's hard for us to put movies very high on our budget priority list

Having said that, I have a few thought on the talkies.

I'm probably not going to go to a movie with blue people unless it ends in "aveheart"

Any movie with Gary Oldman, Alan Arkin, Phil Hoffman, Daniel Day Lewis or Robert Downey's son is worth $7.
I think there should be one award show that sort of covers movies in general.  Artists aren't athletes.  This isn't a competition.  It feels like there's an entire football season and then seventeen groups have an awards ceremony and give out the trophies....but there's gotta be one, so pick one and go with it.

There should be four categories.
Best Motion Picture - seems like a no-brainer
Best Acting (see above picture) - why have "supporting" or differentiate best actress and actor?  Acting is acting...right?
Best Directing - kind of a big deal
Best Screenplay - this seems like a biggie

I'd also like to have it turn into an impromptu roast of Joan Rivers and what she wore on the red carpet.

These have been my thoughts on movies.
You're welcome

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