Wednesday, February 10, 2010

3 Steps to get yourself organized

If you've ever stopped by my office you've probably thought to yourself, "Man, Sean is a great looking guy.  And now here I am in his office"  You may have even looked around at other non-me things as well.

If so, you're probably wondering what I could possibly say about organization.

Well, here 'tis.
I'm for it.  I'm saying that in the same way that we often say we want to live this revolution, this fighting the powers that be kind of life...but really most of us are kind of doing the same basic things that everyone else is doing.  It looks/sounds good in movies, books and conferences...but to actually do it?  That's too hard...

In that same way, I'm for organization.  It's kind of an -on paper or in theory - kind of thing.

This is what I'd like to have Stevie S invent for me:
I'd like a file cabinet for napkin scribblings.  I need a system and/or piece of equipment that allows me to file away random thoughts that occur to me while enjoying a delicious burrito that's approximately the size of Griffin's head.

That's step one.  You're welcome so far

Step 2?  That's where you come in.  I alluded to the fact that I'm really not good at why not step up and contribute a little?

What are you...selfish?  I've already kick started this thing.  Not only did I give out the first step, but this thing was pure gold. 2???


  1. you could hire someone.

    It seems too easy.......

  2. If only there was some way you could store all your random thoughts in a rambling stream of consciousness manner in a searchable digital journal format that was time stamped for reference but wasn't stored on your computer's hard drive which is liable to crash and lose all the information. You could enter the information online, others could sign-up to view and contribute to your ideas and musings. We could call it a Web Log. This is good..this is real good. I think we're on to something. Pass me that napkin.

  3. I am a disorganized slob who makes lists on corners torn off of church program/bulletin thingies. I just discovered something that I've tried for two weeks.

    It's a place for all of those notes that I keep with my wallet now.

    It's a specially folded piece of paper that works better than the PDA that is sitting on my shelf unused.

    I like it.

  4. Stranger9:09 PM

    Throw away all paper. Don't pause to recycle. Nothing written on a napkin is worth keeping. If it was so important-- you'll remember it at lunch tomorrow.

    Also, delete all emails and files that are older than your youngest child. And, don't take advice from strangers.