Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Major Tom is looking for a gig

President Obama is killing NASA's Moonshot Constellation Project.
He's cutting it off at the legs...very expensive legs at that.
If Loyds of London were to insure those legs, we'll we're looking at premiums that make my insurance premiums look...well I guess about the same.  Not my point...he's killing the project and I'm all for it.

We've already put $9 billion into this (if someone just said that to me, it would most assuredly be followed by "that's billion with a B").  My simple guy from the heart of it all perspective on this is simply - if you can't finish your little project with 8 or 9 billion dollars...maybe you ought to take up a new hobby.
Sure I love all that the space program has brought us:
-several David Bowie songs
-all that other stuff

I'm just saying that his encouraging the private sector to take up and start exploring the vast....um... vastness is a great thing.


  1. thanks.
    i couldn't get that song out of my head for three weeks after the U2 concert.
    now it's back.

  2. Murph just jumped the aisle.

  3. I always thought he said "Major Time" I guess I was wrong.