Thursday, February 25, 2010


Tony Kornheiser is in a timeout.  He said some mean things about someone he works with.  That's not good - and it's a little worse when you say it to a few million people on television.

What's throwing me is that, while I'm incredibly manyly, I missed him going off on this particular rant (something he does ALL the time).  Oh sure, I'm a guy's guy...but I didn't see him say it on the Excellence in Sports Programming Network.  Don't get me wrong, I love sports...and red meat...and throwing's just that THIS PARTICULAR TIME I wasn't watching his show when he said that Hannah storm was wearing a sausage casing-like top.  It's not like I was knitting and watching soaps...I just didn't have it on at that moment.  I probably turned it on right after the sausage casing fiasco (or sausage-gate, as I'm calling it)
Speaking of sausage casings - you should know that I love most pork products....bacon, name it.  I'm just saying that it's ok for a guy to occasionally miss a Sports Center.

My point here is that I didn't know this happened...until their boss decided to ground Tony for two weeks and this became a national story.  They work for the same company and they could make this go away...but instead we're hearing about Hannah's short skirt for the next two weeks.  Some of you didn't even know this happened...but now you do.  It seems like the punishment made the crime that much more cruel...that's really what I'm trying to say.  Dock his pay, knock two weeks off of the end of his contract...don't make it into a bigger deal.

Keep in mind that I worked out at a gym today.
Free weights...heavy, heavy free weights.
and then I spit on the ground as I walked to my car
which is a stick shift


  1. hey understanding was that Korn said these comments on his own radio show that is only broadcast in the Metro D.C. market. so ESPN is punishing an employee for misbehavior outside of the "workplace". and so this crazy world keeps spinning.

  2. Good point, Murph.


  3. I assume you mean the thing about me being a manly man

  4. Did you name the post Swine because:

    1) The joke referenced sausage, a pork product

    2) Men are pigs

    3) Kornheiser's a Jew

    4) __________________

  5. I was just baiting you into a comment my friend.
    and I figured the pork deal on top of some thinking he's a "swine" for making the remark...and because I love the word swine...and you've gotta admit it looks good on top of the post

  6. You're shortening the word gymnasium now? What kind of lazy typist have you become? Next facsimile will become fax and tarpaulin will simply be reduced to tarp. I thought more of you.

  7. you're right Chris...
    I blame Jana and her mastery of word shortening...and the terrorists