Monday, February 22, 2010

I blame Dave

I heard a friend talking about programming his key fob through a series of steps he found on the world wide interweb.  As he was talking, I immediately thought of my lack of key fob and the $90 fee the local car company wanted to charge me for one.

I was intrigued.

Fast forward to me buying one on electronic bay for $11.  I went out to program the new fob today and went step by step through the process.  To do this you have to hit "unlock" five times in two second increments.  The next step is putting the key in and turning it on without starting the car.  You then press and hold the unlock button for ten seconds.  You then press the panic button for one second while also keeping the unlock button down.  You want until you hear one chime and let go of both.  That's when you hit lock and unlock at the same time.

I did all the steps.  Everything happened that was supposed to happen...chimes went off...lights flashed...and then my key fob stopped working.

We now have two key chain ornaments that are merely just that...ornaments.

Did I mention that this is really Annie's miniature van?
She's a lucky, lucky girl...

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