Wednesday, January 27, 2010


Seasonal Affective Disorder - I'm not sure I buy into it.  Seems like one of those things people use as an excuse, like Brad when he says, "I'd love to help you move, but I've got the 'betes"

The Mayo clinic claims it's a real thing so I'm going to defer to their informed opinion (after all, they make a delicious BLT).

I'm thinking my seasonal affective disorder is based on television.  I feel a little less joyful when the Office in on hiatus.  I will say that it's nice to take that time to use words like "hiatus", but outside of's largely joyless.  I also get a bit down when the National Football League is on break.

As far as weather is concerned...I guess I'm not one to let it get to me.  You can play frisbee golf (or disc golf to your purist...but get off your high horse, you're throwing a frisbee!) in the Spring and you can go sledding with Griff in the Winter.  Win/Win

I choose to embrace this frigid weather and look at it as one more opportunity to sculpt 1 dimensional messangers of God in the snow.

And what could be better than that?


  1. i had katy brashear diagnose me with SAD junior year at Miami off the internet. I'm sticking with the diagnosis! i blame the lack of light:) (and ice cream)

  2. It's a bit weird that I used to be VERY affected by gloomy days and long winters. I moved south and now get more sun, even here in Cincinnati. Haven't noticed nearly the problem as before....I'm happier, less stress, too, and more balanced in many ways. Who knows.

    I know the light box I used to control SAD was very bright in the summer when I turned it on, but dimmer in the winter. Maybe one of those frisbees hit it to make it dimmer???

    Happy winter. Beautiful day today here, too, since the sun came back from its ''hiatus!'' Love your blog.

  3. All right Tom Cruise, all right...

  4. Clay B.10:49 PM

    As one so afflicted, it is difficult to explain how sunlight can have such an effect. However, I did call my sisiter to celebrate the 45minutes of blue skies and sunshine we had Monday morning. I even did a happy dance outside in thanks.

  5. Dan,
    no idea what that means...
    maybe the frigid temps is messing with my mind?

  6. Aunt Peg9:19 AM

    This post made me laugh. Not that ALL of your posts don't have SOME redeeming qualities but..hmmm..I should hush while the hushing is good.

  7. Tom Cruise denied autism is real.