Thursday, January 07, 2010

Snow Dazed and confused

you see what I did with the title?  What I did here is take snow day (a Chris Elliot vehicle) and combine it with a popular movie from 1993 known for it's Led Zeppelin references and Matthew McConaughey keeping his shirt on.
This post isn't about my awesome title mashup - it's really about the impending white death that will seal our doom in a matter of hours.  Last night we received a call from the Lakota School district telling us there would be a two hour delay.  It hadn't snowed yet, but they know stuff.  As I walked out of the gymnasium this morning I saw a few flakes falling from the sky, and when I walked in the Murphy mansion the phone was ringing.
The teacher has officially let the monkeys out.  There has been 1/10000th of an inch that's fallen and that'll do it for these kids.
So do you error on the side of safety?  Sure, you hate kids?  Why do you hate kids?  That seems kind of jerky. 
Bottom line - I had my late afternoon meeting cancelled, so I might be home tonight in time to do a little sledding with the little ones...and that's not a bad Thursday.


  1. You are welcome to come sledding on the big hill across from the Cifani mansion! Any time! And I've got hot chocolate! And lots of exclamation points!

  2. when i was in high school kids in Franklin shot out the tires of the snow plows before the big snow storm to ensure a snow day......go wildcats.

  3. I want to come sledding (totally would have ended that in an exclamation point but Julee used them all up).

  4. it's a deal - sledding at Julee's house at 6

  5. yay. i want to sled, too !!!!!! (I just found these e-points. Julee must've hid them and Chris couldn't find them but I did).