Friday, January 08, 2010

Don't snow me in

The rest of the world is on a two hour snow delay.
Not me my friend - I'm on snow early arrival. 

I won't be owned by the snow lady (a great professional wrestler's name in a woman's league.  She'd dress up like a drug deal and be all jittery)

I own the snow, it doesn't own me.  Tell me to be cold and watch my step?  I'll wear shorts and my dress em up shoes.  You think you hurt me when you go down the back of my sweater when I'm sledding?  I embrace that.

You aren't the boss of me (obviously that's Tony Danza)

I am a man who won't be subdued by slidey roads and sidewalks of slickness.  I come at you with weapons of salt and shovel.  Friction and the sun are my friends.

I leave you with this bit of poetry (feel free to snap your fingers)

Snow you white devil
I will not give in to you
just that freezing rain

1 comment:

  1. I give you a double snap with an "Olé!"