Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Mac & Me

Forgive the Marley & Me title homage - I don't necessarily want to endorse a doggy snuff film.

Moving on..
Two things Mark McGuire and I have in common:
1.  An upper deck swing to die for
2.  We're on the juice

I'm officially taking steroids.  I took two yesterday and fully intend to take a couple today. 
That's right - I'm on the rocket fuel, the roids, gym candy, pumpers...I'm bringing the gear, taking calls from Balco, spreading the clear, buying the Arnies...
Most of you should probably keep this in mind in case I flip into my "roid rage" mode.  At any point I might flip over a tray table or vigorously shake my fist at someone in traffic.

If you see me crush an aluminum can with my foot or testifying before Congress...blame it on the Prednisone...

1 comment:

  1. Ah. Sweet mother prednisone. I shoveled the driveway like a 20 year old this weekend...wait.. a 20 year old shovels the driveway by driving over it. I guess I shoveled the driveway like a 40 year old who isn't a lazy whiner with bad knees and back...oh an my ear stopped swelling and throbbing which was the point. Hmmm. If it does that to my ear..?