Tuesday, January 12, 2010

it's raining trashcans

I can't find many deals better than a first class stamp.  I can buy one of those suckers and then use it to send stuff to Toledo, Ohio or San Diego, California...doesn't matter.  They'll just take it for me.  I can spend $3 and send four light bulbs to Austin, Texas. 

So imagine someone coming up to you and asking, "Would you mind taking these four light bulbs to Austin for me?  To make it worth your while, I'm going to give you three dollars."  You wouldn't do it. (maybe you Dave) You know who will?  Your local constitutionally appointed United States Postal Office, that's who.
Neither rain, nor sleet, nor dark of night will keep those bulbs from making it to the big state.  It's true.

Little known  fact:  When the Hope Diamond (valued at over 1 million dollars) was sent to the Smithsonian, it was mailed in a brown paper bag...and delivered by our friendly, neighborhood postal employee.  To be accurate, it wasn't your neighborhood postal employee unless you live by the Smithsonian.
Second little known fact:  My maillady didn't deliver our letters and packages yesterday because our trashcan was blown over by the wind.  Apparently the corner of it was sticking out into the street in the general direction of the mailbox.  Neither rain, sleep or darkness will keep her from delivery...but don't expect her to maneuver around a 4 pound empty plastic trash can.

Carla, can you deliver this paper bag for me?  Sure, what's in it?  The Hope Diamond.  Are there any plastic objects I might have to maneuver around?  Shouldn't be.  Cool, I'll take it then...


  1. Two things just popped in my head.

    1.) Are you seriously trying to call out a postal employee? Is that a good idea?

    2.) Are you really surprised? Besides your mailbox is a weird color

  2. it's been too long my friend, our mailbox is as white as your belly these days...
    you ought to swing by and take a looksie