Thursday, January 21, 2010

I'll see it

I hear that Stallone is putting together an All Star lineup of action stars - Arnold, Jason Statham, Bruce Willis, Randy Couture, Jet Li, Mickey Rourke, Steve Austin and a bunch of other people you've probably heard of.

So my question is - why not do this with great actors? 

Put Robert Downey Jr in a movie and I'll start checking out movie times.

Add Jeff Goldblum, Philip Seymore Hofman, Daniel Day Lewis and Sean Penn and I'll move to California and work as the key grip (no real idea what that is...but how hard is it to hold onto a key?)

I'll go to the movie if it's the five of them having a staring contest.  In fact, I'm bringing Annie...that's two tickets right there.  Take the money you'd spend on 3-D and makeup and give it to some writers and actors...and just make an incredible movie.

Right away you're thinking, "What about Feel the Noise Sean?  That was a great motion picture with an amazing story line and noteworthy dialogue...but it had relative unknowns.  What about that?"  Shut up.

Obviously it's the exception that proves the rule.

I get to take the best looking girl on the planet out to a talkie about once a year.  It's entirely based on the delicate timing of babysitter + availability  x  income + what's in the theaters. 

This year I get to add (+ Hitting the nuts) to the equation.  This makes the equation much more attractive, and puts all the more pressure on the other movie to be awesome.  You don't want to have your two movies to be Pulp Fiction & Beverly Hills Ninja.  I'm banking on this year's duo to be The Big Chill & Caddyshack - Anchorman & Good Will Hunting -

Ultimately I really would like to time this year's motion picture out right, and I need those fellas to get to filming...

So if you know them, I'd appreciate it if you could mention it to them.
(this note is mainly to you Barney Day Lewis)

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