Wednesday, January 06, 2010


I see the same guy wearing jeans to workout and always think that he must know something that I don't.  It's kind of like riding a crappy Huffy to train for the Tour De France.  Once you get on a real bike, it's gotta feel awesome. 

Part of me wants to take a camera to the gymnasium just to record some of the stuff that's beyond belief.
One of those pics would be of the lady who wears a head covering over an elaborate multi-layered robe like outfit.  It's part of her belief system and I get that.  What really threw me was when I noticed she was wearing slip on sandals to run on the treadmill.  As if the five layers wouldn't make it difficult enough, she made her new decades resolution to destroy her feet in the process.  That only lasted one day.  Today she was bounding along with her new sporty Reebok kicks.
There was also a sign up front that read:
In the event that Lakota schools are delayed by one hour, our 9:45 class will be moved to 10:30. if you have to wait an extra hour with your kid to get on the bus - you're going to be fifteen minutes late.
In the event that there is a two hour school delay, class will begin on time. you're out of luck if it's a two hour delay

They're logic was sort of hard to understand, and that's why America has an obesity epidemic.
...that and sweet, sweet Chipotle


  1. chipotle can cure obesity. go with a salad and avoid dairy. south of 600 calories. look it up.

    but cmon, who is passing up an extra barbacoa burrito with cheese and extra hot sauce?

  2. Anonymous4:10 PM

    There is a sign at my daughter's gym that reads:
    Health Care Reform
    1. Get off your duff
    2. Don't eat that junk
    3. Do it now