Monday, January 25, 2010

Just Super

I love the National Football League.  They play a game I love at the highest level, and there's something to be said for that.

I'm just not so sure about the Pro Bowl timing.  It seems like the best players are often the players that help get their teams to the championship.  Often that isn't recognized or lifted up as highly as individual stats.  That's one of the problems with any all star game.  This year's Pro Bowl takes it a step further.  Not only will we not have some legitimate all stars who aren't recognized for what they do...but we also won't have those team players that did the work to get their teams to the championship.
but...ultimately, who cares?

Here are my Super Bowl Picks:
I've got New Orleans winning 33 - 30

I'm not rooting for them, I just think they're probably a bit better than those Baltimore defecting Colts.
Drew Brees will win the MVP if he has more than ten yards passing
Peyton Manning will still be the Hall of Famer when it comes to commercials (and he's pretty good at football too)
Pierre Thomas will leave the game with an injured leg and also be the first running back in the Super Bowl named Pierre.
We'll see 17 taped segments of Hurricane Katrina leading up to the big game.
Pete Townshend will tear his rotator cuff.
I'll eat some delicious buffalo chicken dip while proclaiming, "No buffalo were harmed in the making of this spicy treat!"

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