Friday, October 30, 2009

Who's the weird one?

I was talking to my brother (we'll call him "Brian") the other day and he mentioned that he uses a razor with 13 blades...or something like that, because he gets three or four days use out of it.  If he uses one of those pedestrian triple blade jobs...he's lucky to get one or two days out of it.

I couldn't help but think through how long I use a razor.  Typically I'm guessing I get two or three months use out of one of my Quatros (haven't paid for one in a's so simple).  I clean mine out, and cut myself shaving about once a year.  So who is the weird one on this count?

It's not just the razors either.

-He has one child - I have three.
-He once punched Tea Leoni in the ear, and I've always found David Duchovney funny in interviews.
-He has been to a Nascar race and I would rather tape Paulie Shore saying, "Hey buddy, it's the weasel" and play it through my sleep machine every night.
-He's my mom's second favorite child, while I'm her first.
-He plays softball and volleyball in leagues, while I recently played catch with Griff.
-He has a tv that's slightly larger than Dan Akroyd's ego, while my tv weighs 137 pounds and has a 19 inch screen.
- He was third in the voting for the Heisman, I used to live near Heishman park.
-He apparently has a beard made of Kevlar and mine is silky soft.

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  1. Loving Aunt Peg10:24 AM

    I had to look up Kevlar..."Kevlar has many applications, ranging from bicycle tires and racing sails to body armor because of its high tensile strength-to-weight ratio—famously: "...5 times stronger than steel on an equal weight basis..."

    You are my oasis of knowledge...
    Brian is my oasis of beverages..