Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Moral Dilemmas

Moral Dilemma #1:  Griffin lost his glasses and we need to have them replaced.  Here's where it gets sticky...our optomotrist is great, and he's also our neighbor...and he'd also charge us $200 to get Griff his next pair of lost glasses.  We can get cheap spectacles online or at a local mega mart for Griff to lose for a quarter of the price.  So, do we call our good friend/neighbor/eye doctor and ask for his prescription?  Keep in mind that if we do save $150, we can finally get that marble cherub peeing in the garden fountain that we've always wanted...and how would that now increase the value of his home?

Moral Dilemma #2:  Should I steal from stores?

Moral Dilemma #3:  We have a balloon that we keep for sighting aliens, weather patterns and high school football games.  Should we have Cooper climb into it while we occupy ourselves with tv auditions and taffee pulls?

Moral Dilemma #4:  If I knew that a friend of mine wears shoes that were last seen on the feet of the elf that wanted to be a dentist in a popular Christmas story - should I plan to stage some sort of intervention?


  1. Loving Aunt Peg8:21 AM

    I just went to "Just A Buck" at Union Center for some costume ideas for my play and I noticed that they had children's reading glasses for ...get this...JUST A BUCK! OK, there were a lot with the color pink as the predominant these and rhinestones galore but Griffin has always been a trend-setter.
    BTW, I will be happy to pick up Grif's prescription from Dr. Ken's office so you can order thru the internet. I'll need a HIPAA form signed.

  2. Re: #4...I can stop anytime I want. Really, I can.

  3. So basically this neighbor/friend/thief has been grossly overcharging you with markups on items and services you can get affordably somewhere else? Hmmm. His loyalty to your friendship sounds a lot like a cash register ringing.