Thursday, October 01, 2009


I'd like to step on Rocktober's toes and point out how fall they've fallen.

I just heard the 2010 Rock n' Roll Hall of Fame nominees.



Red Hot Chili Peppers


LL Cool James

Donna Summers

a bunch of people you've never heard of...

This is what I didn't do - survey 100 people and ask the question, "What genre of music do these artist fall into?

If I had, how many of these bands or artists would be labeled "Rock n' Roll"? I'd say that roughly 97% would say that KISS is of the rock n' roll category. Red Hot and Genesis would both get some votes...and that's about it.

I get that the Ladies Love Cool James, but I'm guessing roughly 100% of the people would vote him into the rap hall of fame...but rock?

How about the queen of disco? Should we vote her in to the Rock hall?

Nope How about ABBA? I should punch myself in the larnyx for even asking that.

I declare this month mocktober - it just seems like a way more appropriate way to go given the condition of our Rock and Roll.

You're welcome...


  1. They can't build a hall of fame that can keep Abba out.

    That's just science.

  2. Some have referred to me as the Dancing Queen.

    Is Phil Collins really allowed to double dip? Winning awards as both Phil Collins AND Genesis? It was like the same guys in both bands.

    I'm cool with whatever LL wants to do. Simply because I'm afraid of what his mama would tell him to do to me if I disagreed.