Monday, October 05, 2009


I'm pretty close to launching my secret society.  I still need a few things though:

1.  I need a giant pair of scissors to cut the ribbon on this bad boy.

2.  I need to study a little cartography so I can figure out where to schedule meetins, while simultaneously letting people know that this secret society also loves all things Oprah.

3.  a logo

4.  I'm about five verses into our song, but I need a couple of old dudes in robes to the do the chant for the extended dance remix.

5.  We need Dan to get off his high horse and go ahead and commit to a logo.

6.  A coffee maker

7.  It'd be nice to get some of them Shriner cars...

8.  A recording secratary

9.  Green paint, lots and lots of green paint

10. Tim Allen's personal telephone number

11. A large, round table (preferably stone)

12. A catchy name - maybe something that rhymes...but I'm flexible on that one.

13. A dolly, to move the giant stone table

14.  Someone who will insert our symbol on the 2010 dollar bill

15. a good tax attorney

I'm off to Craig's list (shhh...he's one of us)

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  1. Anonymous2:12 PM

    Sometimes I worry about you...okay, most of the time... :)