Thursday, October 22, 2009

Combine Labor & Love

That's a decent piece of advice that I heard this morning.  Combine Labor & Love.

That's pretty straight forward...easier said than done...

A couple of decent examples of combining the two:

1.  My dad owned a record distribution company, taught martial arts to the Columbus Police, recorded a bunch of albums with his band, bought and sold a few dozen houses, wrote/performed/produced/directed a ton of commercials, and produced me.  He used to say, "find a hobby that will make some money, not cost you money".  I guess I've been hearing that same advice for most of my life and that's why it rang true when I heard Zach Galifianakis repeat it.

2.  Mr. Bob Saget

One not so great example of combining Labor & Love


  1. What the? I think that lady may have a hairstyle growing out of the back of her hairstyle.

  2. don't hate kate.
    ps- I've always liked her hair.